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5ml/10ml rollerballs - General Catalog

5ml/10ml rollerballs - General Catalog

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Choose your scent (descriptions below for reference!) and preferred size from the drop down lists. These are our personal formulas in a carrier of fractionated coconut oil (FCO), and come in a glass 5ml or 10ml bottle with a rollerball component. If you'd like to purchase any of these scents in a base of perfumer's alcohol, you can do so in a 15ml size here or in a 30ml/1oz size here! if you'd like to purchase any of these scents in extra strength (a base of daikon radish seed oil), you can do so on this page!

100,000 fireflies (Scent of the Month: June 2023)

Creamed blood orange blended with zested yuzu skin, woody black pepper, and green amber

A ceiling made of stars

Pink saffron blended with blackberries and spiced black amber

A hundred times I dreamed I was a star

Grey pine needles and tea rose blended with light black pepper and sage. Woody and fresh, reminiscent of a chilly autumn night sky peppered with a million stars.

Art school drop out

Fresh paint water, wet clay, car exhaust, number two pencil shavings

Before you were dust

Herbal bay leaves and black tea blended with sweet tobacco, the smell of a deep belly laugh, an old wooden cane, a worn out hat and a cracked leather jacket.

Black Cherry Bomb

Melted black cherry popsicle juice, ginger ale cream soda, salty and hot summer skin, honeydew, golden caramelized amber

Bones melting together

Dusty dry bone dust accord, coffin wood, bergamot

Bubble Pop

Bright pink bubble gum, spiced apricots, lemon rind and bitter orange peel, red berries + bergamot.

Buried beneath the shallow hay

Aging barn wood, the musk of a lingering spirit, old and weathered hay bales.


Bergamot and spiced cardamom blended with Egyptian musk superior and sandalwood

Cherry Fizzy 

Classic dark cherry soda with small hints of cocoa beans and strong carbonation

Cinnamon Ghoul

Cinnamon, oakwood cabinets, cold ghostly hallways, aged black musk

Cosmic Crisis (Scent of the Month: January 2022)

Hot, smokey space atmosphere; lab-created flowers; the 'pop' of the last minutes of the sun

Crows, Cats, and Vampire Bats (Scent of the Month: October 2021)

Fresh bergamot, rose kush, tonka bean, black patchouli, blended together with a hint of black pepper

Crunchy Baguette

The warm sniff of bread upon entering a bakery, sweet and savory breads piled into a cafe, with the soft hint of coconut bonbons and fresh tarts lingering in the background.

Damned Nightfall

The deepest and darkest amber blended with violets, black labdanum, vanilla absolute, espresso absolute, fresh cocoa beans, and honey

Dancing in the Moonlight (Scent of the Month: September 2020)

Cold and sharp autumn air under the moonlight, soft sage, buttery Peru balsam, dark woods

*deer deer deer (Scent of the Month: March 2022)

Warm milk and salted earth, early spring morning air, fresh violets, soft and rich silk

Don't climb inside fridges! Do not CLIMB
INSIDE OF FRIDGES! (scent of the month: September 2023) 

The inside of a freezer burnt fridge, with slight frozen floral undertones

Doom and gloom

A blend of delicate musks and creamy woods combine to emulate the salty skin of grief combined with the memory of a long-gone lover


Overdried dead grass, cool menthol tea, black currant, sage, dried acorns, tobacco

Dusty stacks of vinyl records on an antique store floor

Arabian sandalwood, dusty aged paper, cedar, warm stagnant air, patchouli, vetiver, amyris, musk.

Electric Feel (Scent of the Month: May 2023)

A blend of different electricity accords; hot wires, neon signs, tv static fuzz, the electricity that rumbles inside a thunderstorm.

Electricity (Single Note)

Eight minutes of light and heat left when the sun dies

Pulpy coconut water and sweet Thai tea, blended with soft orange blossoms and a scorching desert thunderstorm looming in the distance

Everything is more beautiful because we are doomed (Scent of the month: November 2023) 

Rich gourmet vanilla blended with benzoin and black woodsmoke

Famous blue raincoat (Scent of the Month: December 2022)

The scent of an old typewriter, weathered blue fabric, and static

Filled with the heat of a reckless summer

Realistic blueberry bush, honeysuckle wafting in the air, surrounded by the scent of an aging barn.

Flowers growing through concrete

Green clovers and fresh grass, cucumbers, spring hyacinths 

Freshly Dead (Scent of the Month: July 2022)

Lavender, rosemary, mint, apples, carrot seeds, fresh tomatoes


Grounding and warm woods, Virginia cedar, cold-pressed yuzu, overgrown moss, forest mushrooms, wet humid frog skin

Full of fire and stars and all of October (Scent of the Month: October 2022)

Dark red wine, barrel-aged in a long abandoned cellar, blended with golden patchouli and osmanthus

Girls and graves

Sugare’d grapefruit, pink musk, soft cherry blossoms, fluffy pink clouds of fairy floss

Goth Dolly

Peru balsam blended with spiced sandalwood, and black lipstick accord. A tribute to womanhood and being whoever you want to be.

Gray November (Scent of the Month: November 2021)

Fig jam, cedarwood, clove, spiced dark cocoa, sea salt

Half-hoping to be eaten by a bear

Woody, sweet bare skin; the lingering scent of dry leaves on a cold morning.

Hallows’ Eve Museum Heist

YEE-haw time to get the old gang back together for one spooky heist. Stolen jasmine sambac and golden heart amber, orange bitters, luscious aged cognac, dinosaur bones. Dedicated to Dennis, who died in the Christmas heist.

*Honey Metal (Honey Collection)

 Base of musky honey, with notes of oil, metal, and steel machinery. 

I wanna be your Joey Ramone

Black oudh, chili spiced vanilla musk, nutmeg

I was a former gifted and talented student

Glossy pages of a scholastic book catalog, vanilla creme brûlée body spray, cherry chapstick, teen spirit deodorant 

I was born a bitch, I was born a painter

Sweet basil and violets, blended with Spanish moss, yarrow oil, and blue musk. 

*If we make it through December (Scent of the Month: December 2021)

Black coffee oudh, creamed honey, myrrh, chilly winter air, ginger spice 

Inside a nightmare (SOTM December 2023)

The olfactory profile of a constantly changing nightmare. Freezing cold water, asphalt, sea salt, lavender & chamomile. very soft leather car interior. Which turn was wrong, and where did we end up?

It’s all in your head

Sun-warmed Texas sunflowers in a bright field, luscious dark amber, vanilla, and freshly baked bread.


Bright red lychee fruit, sweetgrass, cornmeal, rolled oats, fresh dates

*LAMBS! (Scent of the Month: April 2023)

Fluffy lamb wool absolute, cedar chips, musky barn accord, crisp morning air

Lay me in the earth, and from my fair and unpolluted flesh let violets spring

Milky baby deer skin, soft fur musk, warm earth, oak trees, floral forest floor moss.

Let’s have a sleepover and conjure the dead

‘90s blue body glitter and incense, blended with the wood from an aging ouija board covered in hall-closet dust.

Little creepy crawlers

Aged patchouli and ginger, blended with coriander seed, oakwood barrels, and cinnamon spiced cocoa beans

Lucid Dreams (Scent of the Month: January 2023)

The olfactory profile of a constantly changing dream: Seashell essence blended with 2-year aged vanillin, orris butter, immortelle, burning incense, and the leftover fuzzy feeling of something forgotten.

Mall Soft Pretzel (Single Note)

Miss misery (January 2024 SOTM)

Boot-stomped roses and dirty outside ground.

Misspent youth

Iced cold root beer, the glowing hum of a 7-11 parking lot, peppered vanilla, blood orange & ginger candy, fuzzy grey amber

Monsters Still Under My Bed (Scent of the Month: July 2021)

Creaky floor wood, spiced nutmeg, golden oudh, chewy tobacco, vanilla copal resins, smokey warm amber

Morton salt girl

Yellow musk, salt, and rain on concrete 

Mountain cats will come to drag away your bones

Pepper, laurel leaf, wood, musk, tobacco, amber, fresh mountain air.

My heart is made of glass

Fresh cloves, myrrh, spiced apricot jam, tonka beans, Peru balsam

My whole life is a delicate cycle

Bubbly laundry soap, the metal clink of change in machines, a cotton bra with an unknown owner.

No-Bullshit Waffle Cone

True waffle cone with slight hints of caramel and dusted brown sugar cinnamon

Nothing rusts in the desert the air is full of ghosts

Pink cactus flowers and sweet grass, with notes of warm rain and woody dry vanilla.

Oil painting of summer tomatoes (Scent of the Month: July 2023)

Tomato absolute blended with lemongrass and black spruce, green vines and late summer air

Old Book Paper (Single Note)

Painted Fires (Scent of the Month: May 2022)

Dry desert rose & dusty ground, sweet summer citrus, leftover bonfire ash, white sage distilled in New Mexico, sun-warmed ghostly glow
    *Our white sage used in this blend is sustainably and ethically hand-sourced and hand-distilled in a small batch by a fellow small business. For more information please follow this podcast link! https://sustainableworldradio.com/essential-oils-botanical-intelligence-a-conversation-with-aromatherapist-john-steele/

People-watching the dead

Spiced bread and paprika blended with silk amber

Photographs of sea stars

Soft sea star skin, dried sea salt, dusty warm amber, peppery copaiba balsam 

Pieces of October

Fresh blue corn tortillas, ancient spices, chili peppers, oakwood, autumn apples falling on a frozen ground

Pile of green goo 

Partially rotting wood and oakmoss, white oudh, deep & enchanting crushed rose resin

Plain Jane

Black oudh, fresh morning coffee, rolled tobacco, vegan animal musk, cedar, cinnamon crunch cereal

Plastic Pumpkin bucket (Scent of the month: October 2023)
A sweet blend of full size chocolate bars, honeyed candy
apples & autumn night air

Pop Flowers

Hibiscus flowers and sweet grass, blended with heliotrope and passion flowers.

Queen of Moths (Scent of the Month: April 2022)

Incense, rich chocolate, decaying flowers, tobacco, dark woods, attic dust

Pumpkin Boooudh

Dark pumpkin mash topped with golden vanilla, a blend of ghostly white oudh, black oudh, and dry woody oudh

Scream ferociously

Orange blossoms and fierce summer lemonade, blended with green leaves and black tea

Shadow monsters on wooden cabin walls (Scent of the Month: March 2023)

Pure dark chocolate tincture, jasmine sambac, blood orange, tobacco absolute, light woodsmoke

She poisoned the strawberries

Fresh picked strawberries, the musk of a scorned lover, cold sparkling champagne.

She was the storm (Scent of the Month: August 2022)

Black hemlock, driftwood, hay absolute, dreamy sandalwood, spiced oudh, dried fruits, dead leaves

Sleep that rhymes with death

White amber, crystallized vanilla, ginger, Virginia cedarwood

Somedays in Oz

Fresh garden mint, wall-climbing ivy, spicy juniper, orris butter

Someday I’ll get on that train

Earth grass underfoot, the morning after a long rainy spring night. Warm morning air and the far off scent of sweet tobacco and forgotten linens swaying in the early breeze 

Summer Camp Gothic (Scent of the Month: May 2021)

Dry oakwood absolute, browned marshmallows, cedar, black pepper, toasted vanilla

Swamp elixir

Soft honeysuckle and mossy oak trees, blended with water lilies and sparkling pink lemonade.

*Sweet tea in the summer (Scent of the Month: June 2022)

Honey and sugar swirling in iced tea, white florals, ginger, coconut cream, Egyptian musk

That first morning moment

Cozy blend of lavender and chamomile tea, with notes of white amber and soft cotton.

That’s a rock fact!

Wet rocks and spooky darkened trees, damp grass underfoot and a glistening tinge of being followed

*The blues are all the same

Smooth vanilla cognac, aged barrel wood, and sticky honey.

The cactus where your heart once was (Scent of the month: June 2024)

Prickly pear cactus accord and orange flower absolute

The deadly poppy field

Green & watery flowers, soaked earth, lily-of-the-valley, slightly sweet red poppies, the sweet lingering of a memory

The end is here

Vanilla Coke, bourbon, fleeing animals, the musk of an infinite black 

*The Great War (Scent of the Month: November 2022)

Drying paint, beeswax, frozen carnations blended with fresh strawberries

The heartbreaking simplicity of ordinary things

Freshly opened tennis balls, cool crisp meteor shower nights, warm and sweet cardamom

The Killing Moon (Scent of the Month: September 2021)

Cold metal wrought iron blended with freshly cut suburban grass and a bright shining moonlight on Hallow’s Eve

The library, burning down with us

Burnt edges of books, the overpowering scent of gasoline wafting around the wooden banister, wax candles melting on a desk.

The Peach Queen

Delicate blend of rosy golden peaches, skin musk, and white amber.

The people you love become ghosts inside you

Heavenly musk, lingering funeral flowers, cold scent of vanilla in an empty corridor, handprints on a foggy window (Notice: ‘The people you love become ghosts inside you‘ is a heavy atmospheric that has been reported to cause feelings of intense emotion and is sometimes unpleasant in its vulnerability. Not for the faint-hearted!)

The Pumpkin Tree

Dirt and tangled branches blended with realistic pumpkin and a chilly ghost accord

The same way I am in love with the moon

Palo santo blended with smoked sandalwood and a lunar accord. Deep and reminiscent of a breezy night under a looming full moon.

The scent of your skin and some foreign flowers

Boxed chocolate cereal, oakwood, toasted brown sugar, tonka bean, pantry spices, dried roses

The sea would have kept us young forever (Scent of the Month: August 2023)

Dry hot sand where a sea used to be, hot stones and dusty air. The last desperate sip of water, fresh magnolia flower from the desert. A thousand years ago we would have been just fine here, but today the sun and sand won.

The secret of wives and widows

A dark and mysterious blend of Arabian sandalwood, luscious vanilla, orchids and southern night air; white tea in a fine cup of china held by a figure with long painted nails.

The soft crunch of bread and bone

Flakey coconut French madeleines, stifling bakery air, vanilla cremé and crunchy macarons, the last sip of green tea with a mysterious lover.

The sweater we buried you with is hanging in my closet

A luscious blend of three different vanillas, resinous amber, Arabian sandalwood, a soft cashmere sweater. (Does not contain Iso-E)

The wolf only needs luck to find you once

Crisp forest night air, lunar musk, large drifting Oakwood trees, the musky scent of a trailing shadow.

Two cups of tea, a summer monsoon, and me and you

Rain on cracked soil, wet creosote, a swelling monsoon, desert cedar, black tea.

Vampire Market (Scent of the Month: February 2022)

Freshly steamed rice, juicy blood orange, open-air night market spices

Vienna waits for you

Steaming hot chocolate blended with delicious sweet bread on a chilly autumn night. Crispy leaves piled on the sidewalk and a light whiff of the flannel linen wrapped around your shoulder

Vintage Cream Soda (Soda Shoppe Collection)

Classic A&W cream soda

*Wax Museums

Sweet and warm liqueur, elegant suede, black currant, beeswax absolute, magnolia heart

Watercolor Summer (Scent of the Month: August 2021)

Fresh strawberries, violets, golden amber, and soft lavender

We left flower city behind us (Scent of the Month: February 2023)

Metallic seawater accord, fields of distorted and disturbed wildflowers; the smell of leaving a dream city behind

We took the gig for the mileage writeoff

A waft of a gasoline puddle outside of the stop’n’go, quiet night air surrounding the car parked under flickering fluorescent lights, a tiny tinge of salty sweat, the milky scent of quiet and happy dog feet, asleep in the backseat.

When the veil is thinnest

A warm bonfire on a chilly autumn night. Crunchy leaves underfoot and smokey warm marshmallows roasting over an open barrel, blended with warm apple cider donuts


Fresh vanilla, black tea, ginger cookies, darkened amber, cinnamon bark, patchouli, witches herbs

With the fishes and the dead

Black squid ink and mile long oceans. Black ambergris, black labdanum absolute, salty ocean water, and black pits of stretched out emptiness.

World famous for 15 minutes

Sweet tobacco and vanilla, blended with a hint of violet and gin 

You belong among the wildflowers

Lemongrass and wild red poppies, blended with sunflowers, Spanish moss, and dogwood.

An asterisk * next to a scent denotes that it contains honey, beeswax absolute, or butter CO2, and is therefore NOT vegan. All of our musk notes are vegan accords, as are our ambergris, deer skin, leather, dinosaur bones, etc.