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Master list

‘She poisoned the strawberries’ 

Fresh picked strawberries, the musk of a scorned lover, cold sparkling champagne.


‘Mountain cats will come to drag away your bones’

Pepper, laurel leaf, wood, musk, tobacco, amber, fresh mountain air.


‘The library, burning down with us’ 

Burnt edges of books, the overpowering scent of gasoline wafting around the wooden banister, wax candles melting on a desk.


‘Two cups of tea, a summer monsoon, and me and you.’ 

Rain on cracked soil, wet creosote, a swelling monsoon, desert cedar, black tea.


Half hoping to be eaten by a bear.’

Woody, sweet bare skin; the lingering scent of dry leaves on a cold morning.


‘filled with the heat of a reckless summer’

Realistic blueberry bush, honeysuckle wafting in the air, surrounded by the scent of an aging barn.


‘Decomposing roses for a decomposed romance’ 

Rose, white musk, vanilla, pink peppercorn, honeysuckle.


 ‘Dusty stacks of vinyl records on an antique store floor’

Arabian sandalwood, dusty aged paper, cedar, warm stagnant air, patchouli, vetiver, amryris, musk.


‘The blues are all the same’

Smooth vanilla cognac, aged barrel wood, and sticky honey.


‘If the sharks don’t get to you first, the sun will.’ 

Realistic sunscreen, hot summer sun, salty beach waves splashing around a wooden raft.


‘Lay Me in the Earth, and from My Fair and Unpolluted Flesh Let Violets Spring’

Milky baby deer skin, soft fur musk, warm earth, oak trees, floral forest floor moss.


‘The soft crunch of bread and bone’

Flakey coconut French Madelines, stifling bakery air, vanilla cremé and crunchy macarons, the last sip of green tea with a mysterious lover.


‘A living warmth, and a picture of death’

Peppery flowers and herbs, hay and old roses, musky cloves, a sharp glint of metal and worn leather.


‘Nobody’s happy in a poodle skirt and sweater set’

Soft pillowy cotton candy and spring flowers, a field of luscious painted lavender, the scent of a town both pleasant and eerie.


‘The sweater we buried you with is hanging in my closet’

A luscious blend of three different vanillas, resinous amber, Arabian sandalwood, a soft cashmere sweater.


‘My whole life is a delicate cycle’

Bubbly Laundry soap, the metal clink of change in machines, a cotton bra with an unknown owner.


‘Buried beneath the shallow hay’

Aging barn wood, the musk of a lingering spirit, old and weathered hay bales.


‘The wolf only needs luck to find you once’

Crisp forest night air, lunar musk, large drifting oakwood trees, the musky scent of a trailing shadow.


11 days in December’

The scent of an abandoned car, wet footprints leading to a path, an exotic mystery trail of citrus, spice, dust, and oil.


‘The taste of almost summer’

Orange dreamsicle ice cream and soft tuberose, blended with pink cotton candy and lavender.


‘That first morning moment’

Cozy blend of lavender and chamomile tea, with notes of white amber and soft cotton.


‘Swamp elixir’

Soft honeysuckle and mossy oak trees, blended with water lilies and sparkling pink lemonade.


‘Before you were dust’

Herbal bay leaves and black tea blended with sweet tobacco, the smell of a deep belly laugh, an old wooden cane, a worn out hat and a cracked leather jacket.


‘The Peach Queen

Delicate blend of rosy golden peaches, skin musk, and white amber.


You belong among the wildflowers

Lemongrass and wild red poppies, blended with sunflowers, Spanish moss, and dogwood.


‘Nothing rusts in the desert, the air is full of ghosts

Pink cactus flowers and sweet grass, with notes of warm rain and woody dry vanilla.


‘I was born a bitch, I was born a painter.

Sweet basil and violets, blended with Spanish moss, yarrow oil, and blue musk. 


‘The secret of wives and widows’

A dark and mysterious blend of Arabian sandalwood, luscious vanilla, orchids and southern night air, white tea in a fine cup of China held by a figure with long painted nails.


The woman and her time-traveling picnic basket’

Lush aged golden amber, dry sage, buckwheat honey, and orange blossoms. A red gingham blanket under the summer sun, and an endless amount of days.


‘She plucked our hearts fresh from the grove and served them up for supper

Earthy figs and warm sun dried tomatoes, blended with lush honeysuckle.


‘The same way I am in love with the moon’

Palo santo blended with smoked sandalwood and a lunar accord. Deep and reminiscent of a breezy night under a looming full moon.


‘It’s all in your head’

Sun-warmed Texas sunflowers in a bright field, luscious dark amber, vanilla, and freshly baked bread.


Little women collection:


Jo March

Scribbles of pen ink and leather bound books, the scent of a crackling fire on a restless night, warm mature amber.


 Amy March

French lavender macaroons, young spring flowers (Iris and lilac) and fresh Parisian rain.


Meg March

A soft cotton dress, pink peony flowers sitting on an old wooden table.


 Beth March

‘Get well’ magnolias and fresh open-window air, figs, and lavender chamomile tea.


Pop art collection:



Cherry soda and bright red lipstick, blended with deep red roses, tonka, and red musk.


Pop flowers

Hibiscus flowers and sweet grass, blended with heliotrope and passion flowers.


Pop donuts

Pink and blue frosted donuts, blended with maple syrup and blueberry jam.


‘World famous for 15 minutes’

Sweet tobacco and vanilla, blended with a hint of violet and gin.