Current TAT, 10-15 BUSINESS days, not including weekends and federal holidays. International shipping (with the exception of Canada) currently NOT available. As of 5/11 we are processing orders from 5/10

FAQs and shop policies

We reserve the right to update these rules and our terms and conditions at any time. Your use of this website constitutes understanding and agreement to these rules. Any rudeness, entitlement, or unfulfillable requests in your order notes can cause your order to be canceled and refunded without inquiry. If at anytime these rules are broken we reserve the right the terminate your use of our website without prior notice. You are bound by the terms now and revised. 


‘Do you make custom perfumes?’ 

-  Due to the personal time constraints of our small staff and an attempt to always get orders out promptly and on time, we have made the difficult decision to end all customs as of August, 2021.

For all past customs customers:  If you aren’t happy with the first version of your custom, please reach out to me so we can work on it! Customs are a collaborative project and tweaks are sometimes entirely necessary and always okay to ask! We always want to make something right if there was a miscommunication or otherwise it’s not what you were going for! The process of creating and collaborating on an art piece is certainly not always ‘one and done!’ 


 ‘Where did the long names go?’ 

I ran out of song lyrics.

 ‘What is the scent of the month?’

Our current scent of the month will be listed on the home page every month, with a changing scent every 30 days. They are housed in a 5Ml cubed glass component without a rollerball. On occasion, and likely towards the end of the month cycle, we may substitute for a different 5Ml scent if the scent of the month becomes not in stock any longer. 

Can I request something for my scent of the month?

At the current time, we aren’t honoring requests for scent of the month. We do have an option for a random scent of the month by writing ‘Random please!’ In the notes! Any specific requests will be defaulted back to our normal scent of the month. 

What is the unlisted section?’ 
From time to time we may pull things out of the catalog that are no longer sparking joy. In an effort to reduce FOMO, while these these are no longer part of the current catalog, they are available to be purchased in our unlisted section. 

What is the point of an unlisted section? Why not just keep everything part of the catalog?’

Moving things around and discontinuing things is how I make sure our catalog reflects our current and most recent work. As of June, scents placed in our unlisted section will reflect the same price as our current general catalog.  

What happened to Smog sprays? 

Due to an ongoing component issue and limited supply, smog sprays are currently on hiatus.


‘What is your refund policy?’

- Once an order is placed, it immediately goes into the queue for production. Unfortunately I cannot refund an order once placed, but will work with you if you clicked the wrong perfume/wrong size/want to combine shipping, just send me an email or a website chat!

- We are unable to accept returns for ANY REASON. Placing an order at Death & Floral means that you understand and accept this term of service. Due to the nature of the product, we would be unable to resell returned products due to sanitary concerns. We recommend trying samples before committing to full sizes if you are unsure of a scent (check out Ajevie for all samples!) as we will not issue refunds if a scent is not to your liking.

- If there is something wrong with your order (for instance, the wrong scent or format was sent, or you believe a scent was incorrectly labeled), please let me know IMMEDIATELY as I am unable to rectify problems for orders received and kept past one calendar month. Please inspect your order throughly upon delivery.

 - We cannot give refunds if a package is seized/destroyed upon entry to your country.

‘How do I store the products I have bought?’

All perfume oils and oil-based primers should be kept in dark and temperature and humidity safe environments. I cannot give refunds for products that were improperly stored once they are out of my hands. 

‘It’s been X number of days since I placed my order and I haven’t received a shipping notice.’

Our turn-around-time is measured in business days and starts on the next business day after you order is placed and ends the day you receive your shipping notification. This does not include the days it takes the post office to deliver it to you, as I have no control over that. If you believe your order is past the turn-around-time for any reason please feel free to email me. We make it a point to never go past the stated turn-around-time provided and often ship things before the 10-15 business day estimate is up. In addition, we keep our header updated on what order days we are working on and encourage a periodic check to see if your order date is at the top of the home page. 

 'What does extra strength mean and why does it cost more?'

Our extra strength option is a blend of different essential oils, absolutes, and synthetic molecules blended with Daikon Radish Seed oil. DRS oil makes scents project more loudly and last longer. It is a more expensive option but a great option for people who have skin chemistry that likes to 'eat' oil perfume!

'What other options are there if my skin eats oil?'

We offer a perfume primer, which comes in a balm form and should be applied to the area where you normally apply perfume in order to create a barrier to help your skin 'keep' the oil. In addition, we offer EDP spray options in both travel and full size that can be sprayed onto hair and clothes and generally have larger throw than our oil options

‘Why does my new perfume need to rest?’

While all our blends have rested and aged in house before they ship to you, mail shock and length of journey can affect the oil perfumes being ‘bloomed’ when they arrive on your doorstep. We recommend at least a week of resting time before testing them. 

‘what does skin chemistry mean in regards to oil perfumes?’

Every one has a completely unique and different skin chemistry based on factors such as diet, menstruation  cycle, PH level, climate, and just plain different skin chemistry. I cannot control or predict how an oil perfume will bloom on a person’s skin chemistry as we all are different. I blend based on my own personal skin chemistry and test things on other members of the Death and Floral staff to better predict the different experiences one might have. If you are at all worried about varying skin chemistries with oil perfumes, we do offer alcohol-based perfumes which tend to be less volatile and more similar from person-to-person. 

‘I received a $5 PayPal coupon!/Why didn’t I receive a $5 PayPal coupon?’

I don’t send those! They are sent randomly to customers who have checked out with PayPal in the past. I have no control over who gets one but they are welcome to be used in our shop! 

What are single note customs?’

As of July 1st single note customs are on hiatus until further notice.

Single note customs are designed to be perfumes consisting of a single accord for layering purposes. Despite the name, they are still usually compromised of 4-6 aroma ingredients to create the accord and still take time to make. Our current turn around time for new single note customs is around 1 month. Often it will be less but this will vary heavily on the single note and it’s level of complication. I do my best to not reject any single note and have only had to reject due to it being a seasonal fruit. In the event your single note custom becomes impossible, I will reach out to you ASAP and offer an alternative or a refund.  

‘How do you come up with your scent names?’

All our scents are based on an conglomerate of things I love. Literature, music, tv references, collaborating on names with you guys. One was even written by an A.I ‘Death and Floral name generator.’ It’s all fun. It’s not to be taken seriously, even though some of them do lean dark. I make no apologies for not being a shiny happy person. Any specific names you want explained I will gladly answer in an email! 

‘I paid for priority shipping and it has been XYZ amount of days since my order and I have not received a shipping notice.’ 

As of August 2021 our postal drop off day’s are Mondays and Fridays exclusively, in an effort to not expose ourselves to COVID-19. 

Upgraded shipping options mean that when your order has been dropped at the post office, it will get to you quicker than regular shipping time. It does not mean your order goes out quicker in the queue. There is no shipping upgrade that gets you around the current Turn-around-time. 

‘I bought XYZ and did not receive the item I thought I would.’

We use a note system for checking out here at Death and Floral as we run on a very fast pace schedule. Please double check your notes for errors before placing your order. If no notes were added at the time of check out we will send something in the same category at our own discretion. If you believe you did write your selection in the notes and there has been an error, please email us immediately! 

what if I love a scent and it’s discontinued?

From time to time we might pull scents from the general catalog to make room for seasonal changes, but we almost always still have those scents hanging around somewhere. Check our ‘Unlisted scent’ section for how to purchase an unlisted scent!

‘What is the birthday freebie and do you still offer it?’
 We do offer a birthday freebie with your order as long as it is within 30 days of your birthday. Let us know in the comment section the date of your birthday and what you’d like your free 5Ml to be. Birthday freebies come in a glass cube component sans rollerball. Misuse of the birthday reward program will result in your account being blocked from future purchases. We do track how many of them go out and we will notice if an account is mis-using the birthday freebie program. This is a service I offer that I do not have to and will end swiftly if there is constant mis-use.

‘I received my shipping notice but my order hasn’t scanned in at the post office yet?

Our post office here is overworked and unstaffed, and thus there might be a few days gap in between getting your shipping notice and seeing movement. Our post office is closed on both Saturday’s and Sunday’s, so if you receive a shipping notice on a Friday you likely will not see movement until that following Tuesday. In addition, there are some days I am not able to make it to the post office in an effort to limit my exposure to the virus. Almost always me or a member of my staff will try to go in the middle of the night to do drop-offs, when exposure is low and no one is present. By shopping on this site you agree to a reasonable degree of patience both with me and our local hard-working post office. I can always provide the date of your drop off as I write the batch numbers down. If it has exceeded a business week and other packages from the same batch have been scanned in, I will start the process of remaking your package. 

‘I want to purchase a limited edition scent but I’m worried it will be sold out!

Here at Death and Floral we strive to take an anti-FOMO stance as much as physically possible. With the exception of customs at the beginning of the month which are limited due to my own limited human capacity,  nothing on our site will ever be a short-run. Our limited edition collections, not including holiday collections, run on around a 5 month run which we believe is a good amount of time. In addition, the date of each collection’s expiration date is noted in the master list. We strongly encourage perfume to be for fun and not a thing needed to spend money on right away, which is why do not offer afterpay and offer free shipping. We may release things quickly (especially during the holidays) but please do not feel the need to rush! In addition, check our ‘unlisted scent’ section!

I received a postcard with my order that I do not like.

We work with many wonderful visual artists here at Death and Floral and rely on them to create the visual tone of our brand. We do not censor our artists and we allow them to create visually what they see fit for the theme and tone. This occasionally  will be adult themed in nature and feature partial nudity. Not censoring our artists reflects the values that Death and Floral holds in regards to artistic creativity. If you receive a postcard you do not like in your order, feel free to dispose of it. 

Are you products vegan?’ 

We maintain that cruelty to animals for the sake of perfume and cosmetics goes against the values held at Death and Floral. Use of civet or real animal musks firmly do NOT align with our core values. We do condone the use of real and natural honey as we believe it is a cruelty free resource. 

‘Do you ship internationally?’

International shipping is currently suspended until further notice. We are so sorry for the inconvenience.

- Please note that I am not liable for any customs charges once an order arrives in your country. 

- If you refuse delivery of your package due to unpaid customs fees, you will not receive your refund until the package is delivered back to me, and your refund will not include a 3% restocking fee, nor will it include your shipping fee. Please note that we also reserve the right to refuse further service to customers who reject packages based on their refusal to pay customs charges.

‘If I refuse to pay customs on my package can I have it returned for a refund?’ 

- Yes you can refuse customs and have it sent back to us here in Texas! Regardless of the fact that we will keep the shipping fee and a 3% restocking fee out of your refund (upon receipt of the refused package back at D&F HQ), the time and materials that were invested into a refused package can be an enormous setback for a small business like ours. In order to mitigate the risk of future loss, we reserve the right to refuse service to any customer who refuses delivery of a package.


‘How do I contact with an issue?’ 

- For now, the best place I can be reached is the chat option on the website, or via email (!

I don’t check my Facebook messages often and might not answer those right away, but I will respond to all Emails and questions within 1-5 hours! 

‘I had XYZ happen to me while wearing your product, can you tell me what is in it?’

Perfume blends are propriety and not subject to full-disclosure, please do not ‘fish’ for ingredients. If you incur a rash while using one of our blends, please discontinue use. All the ingredients we use have been approved for skin-safe use but I cannot guarantee from skin-to-skin the same experience and hold no responsibilities for skin sensitivities while using skin-safe ingredients. 

‘I’m a decanter and I want to buy your products to decant and sell.’

Death and Floral is partnered with one official decanter. Buying products from our store for the sole purpose of decanting without discussion from the brand owner or staff beforehand will result in your order being refunded without warning. Repeated misuse of the site’s terms and conditions will result in your account being banned. If you make separate accounts or buy under a false name to circumvent these rules, this could result in your IP address being blocked from the website. 

‘I’m a decanter and I sold one of your products, but the customer has an inquiry. Can they email you?

We are partnered with one official decanting partner and accept no responsibility for products bought from 3rd party decanters outside of Ajevie LLC. If you received an unsatisfactory decant from a 3rd party decanter it is the sole responsibility of the consumer who sold it. We do not offer refunds to unsolicited decanters for any reason regarding decanting. 

To further clarify, we are fine with decanting to your friends or saying ‘I have 4Ml left of this rollerball and I’m over it, I’m going to decant the rest for sale.’ We are NOT fine with mass bulk buying for the purpose of decanting without a discussion first. It’s so easy to email us! 

‘I’m an artist and I’m interested in a collab!

Wonderful! We work with many visual artists here and try to keep a rotating organ of different artists, all with unique and different styles. We would love to hear from you! We often work with multiple artists for projects that fit their specific style, and sometimes we are full and don’t have any current work but would still love to work in the future! While we love to work with new artists and pay very fairly, we do not accept or pay for unsolicited work. As always, we love emails. 

I am a blogger and was wondering if you’d send me free products in exchange for a review?’


Will you give me the ingredients for XYZ?

 No, I will not give you the ingredients list beyond what is already stated in the notes, but I can promise they are high quality, skin safe ingredients bought for perfumery use and used at or under standard safe IRFA levels. We utilize custom, shop made accords at Death and Floral that cannot be disclosed beyond the stated note listings. 

‘Are your products handmade?’

- Yep! Each and every perfume blend I sell is specially hand made by me or a member of the Death and Floral staff in a dedicated and controlled work space environment. The custom accords that go into our perfumes were all made by me and created with my own knowledge and experience of perfumery. We do not start our perfumes from a ‘perfume’ base but build perfume layers from either existing aromatics, essential oils, resins, professional supply shop bought accords, or custom accords created by me. We do not, at the current time, have the equipment to distill aromatics or process in-house resins but hope to in the future. The fossilized amber in our catalog was distilled in a professional distillery and not by a member of our staff. It has been bought direct and unchanged and placed into a retail packaging by me or a member of my staff. 


‘There is separation in my rollerball bottle, is it bad?’

- Not at all! This is completely normal with perfume blends as we use natural resins. Shake it up! 

 ‘What about separation in my EDP?

Due to the highly concentrated fragrance and natural oils we include in our perfume sprays, you may notice occasional separation when settled. We recommend shaking them up if you notice any slight settling or separation, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you believe there has been an error and would like a replacement. We are absolutely always happy to accommodate! 

‘How do I know I’m receiving a quality product?’ 

- All of our finished products are kept in a climate controlled environment and made from safe and tested (on human!) ingredients. If you notice any irritation or allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately. Do not ingest!