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FAQs and Shop Policies

Please read below before asking a question! Almost every question we receive daily is answered right here. This will save you time in waiting for a response from us, and lets us spend the most amount of time we can sending you your orders and creating more beautiful fragrances for you! Thank you all very much :)

We reserve the right to update these rules and our terms and conditions at any time. Your use of this website constitutes understanding and agreement to these rules. Any rudeness, entitlement, or unfulfillable requests in your order notes or messages to us can cause your order to be canceled and refunded without inquiry. If at any time these rules are broken we reserve the right to terminate your use of our website without prior notice. You are bound by the terms now and revised. 


Please note we DO NOT guarantee your order will arrive before Christmas. 


“Where is my order?”/”Why has my order not shipped yet?”

Our holiday turnaround time, which applies to any order placed on or after November 25, 2022, is 20-25 business days! Our standard turnaround time of 15-18 business days still applies to orders placed before November 25. Please note we cannot guarantee any package's arrival by Christmas. Business days do not include weekends or federal holidays. “Turnaround time,” or TAT, begins the business day after you place your order and is complete the day we print your shipping label and remit your package to the USPS for shipping. (TAT does not include shipping time, because we have no control over shipping time!) 

Your order will not scan in the day you receive tracking. Oftentimes it will not scan in the day after you receive tracking. We visit the post office two times a week (Mondays and Fridays); if your order has been sitting in pre-transit for a few days, please check the date you received your tracking in relation to our Monday/Friday drop-off schedule. If you received tracking on a Monday night, it will not be dropped off at the PO until Friday morning. If you receive tracking on Friday night it will not be dropped off at the PO until Monday morning. If you receive tracking on a holiday weekend it will not be dropped off until the holiday is over. To keep a healthy work-life balance we do not process orders on weekends.  There will be a small delay between receiving tracking and showing movement. We are currently experiencing significant delays with our post office checking in packages (at the moment it appears to be about a week's delay) and are looking into other avenues to eliminate this delay, but right now we are so grateful for your patience while we wait for our post office to get through their backlog!

We tend to ship all orders much sooner than the extent of our TAT, but ask that you allow for the full extent of the 15-18 business day timeline when placing your order in case of incidentals in our studio, i.e. shipping delays from our suppliers to us, etc. We do not allow for orders to be canceled before the end of the TAT. Thank you for understanding! 

You can always follow along with which orders we are currently processing (bottling, packaging, packing, and taking to the post office) in the banner at the top of our homepage!


**Please also note if you are an international customer (currently Canada only): After your shipping label is printed you will see a delay of 2-5 days before your package is dropped off at USPS or UPS. This is due to the fact that commercial international invoices must be prepared separately for international packages and electronically transmitted to the shipping partner before the package can be remitted for shipping (and in the case of UPS, we must receive electronic approval of said invoices back before bringing your package to UPS for shipping). This can only be done after tracking numbers are assigned to packages. Depending on our schedules and number of international packages in any given order group, this can take an extra couple of days to complete. Thank you so much for your patience as we navigate the ever-changing world of international shipping - we appreciate you all so much!!



“Can I cancel my order and get a refund?”

Once an order is placed, it immediately goes into the queue for production, and supplies are ordered or allotted to the products you have ordered. We do not refund orders once placed while they are within the stated 20-25 business day turnaround time.



“I made a mistake when I placed my order, please help!”

The fastest way to get help with an order mistake is to send us a website chat! We can usually fix you up within a few minutes. Please have patience if you send a chat outside of normal business hours or on weekends; we still check the chat periodically but can often be found catching up on sleep or family time (or orders!) at those times. If your issue is less urgent, Deathandfloral@gmail.com is the best email to contact with inquiries and concerns! Again, thank you for your patience when waiting for a response, especially on weekends and after hours :)



"I emailed with a query or issue but have not received a response."

First please check that you have emailed deathandfloral@gmail.com!

If you have, please check that you have not emailed attachments! This can often cause your email to bounce directly into our spam folder. And while we do check our spam folder, it does fill up with, well, real spam, and sometimes your email can still be missed!

And third, if it has been less than a day since you emailed (especially if you have emailed on a weekend!), we ask that you give us a bit more time to respond. We are tremendously grateful for your business and can't wait to answer your questions and correct any issues you may be experiencing, but we are a very very tiny team and on occasion it can take us a day or two to get back to you!

Rest assured we absolutely will answer every email - and if it's been longer than a few days since you emailed us, that is abnormal and means something has gone wrong with your email - please check the steps above and try again! We never ignore emails or website pings, but we are also not technological whizzes and when things glitch we are at the mercy of the glitch. Thank you for bearing with us and don't hesitate to reach out a second time (following the instructions above!) if you think your email or message may have gotten lost! :)


“Can I return this perfume?”/“My order arrived incorrect.”

We are unable to accept returns for ANY REASON. Placing an order at Death & Floral means that you understand and accept this term of service. Due to the nature of the product, we would be unable to resell returned products due to sanitary concerns. We recommend trying samples before committing to full sizes if you are unsure of a scent (check out Ajevie for all samples!) as we will not issue refunds if a scent is not to your liking. 

If there is something wrong with your order (for instance, the wrong scent or format was sent), please let us know immediately as we are unable to rectify problems for orders received and kept past one calendar month. Please inspect your order thoroughly upon delivery. Send us a website chat or email (deathandfloral@gmail.com) and we will assist you in getting the correct product to you!



“Do you ship internationally?”

International shipping is currently suspended (with the exception of Canada) until further notice. We are so sorry for the inconvenience.

Please note that we are not responsible for any customs charges once an order arrives in your country, nor will we mark a package’s value lower or mark any item as a gift. No exceptions.

If you refuse delivery of your package due to unpaid customs fees, we will refund your order, but you will not receive your refund until the package is delivered back to me, and your refund will not include a 3% restocking fee, nor will it include your shipping fee. Please note that we also reserve the right to refuse further service to customers who reject packages based on their refusal to pay customs charges.



“Are your products handmade?”/“What are these perfumes made out of?”

Every fragrance at Death and Floral is an original formula created by head perfumer Brim Delos Reyes. We use a mixture of essential oils, absolutes, CO2s, hand-crushed resin tinctures, other natural materia, and synthetic molecules in our compositions, all at levels in accordance with IFRA guidelines for skin safety in perfumery usage, and every small batch is carefully hand-blended by a member of the Death and Floral staff and checked to ensure quality control and consistency from batch to batch. Since we do work with many natural materials, you may notice separation, settling of solid or dense particulates, different colors and textures, and other beautiful facets in your perfumes - these are normal! Rolling the bottles between your hands to redistribute settled or separated components will blend everything back together, and keeping the solids inside the perfumes help bring richer tones to the blend as it ages. 

While we are happy to check our blends for your allergens, we ask that you do not “fish” for ingredients otherwise - perfume formulas are considered proprietary trade secrets and as such we will simply tell you, sorry, no.



“Are your products vegan/cruelty-free?”

All of our products are vegetarian and cruelty-free. We maintain that cruelty to animals for any reason, but especially for the sake of perfumes and cosmetics, goes against the values held at Death and Floral. Use of civet or real animal musks firmly do NOT align with our core values, and as such all musks used in our perfumes are synthetic accords or replacement molecules. We do use real honey and beeswax, both ethically sourced, as we believe they are a cruelty free resource. We also use butter CO2 in several of our accords. No products made by Death and Floral are ever tested on animals, and we only purchase supplies and components from companies with cruelty-free values as well.



“Can your perfumes be worn while I am pregnant?”/“Are your perfumes safe for sensitive skin?”

We are not doctors and cannot give you any medical advice. We DO use essential oils in many of our blends and as such would highly recommend that pregnant persons discontinue use of our products during pregnancy. Please consult with your doctor if you have any condition whatsoever that could make you sensitive in any way to the wearing of perfume, and when in doubt, do not use any of our products. Any time you experience any adverse reaction to our products please discontinue use IMMEDIATELY. We are not responsible for and cannot be held liable for what different bodies’ reactions to our products can be. We love our customers and we want all of you to be safe and healthy!



“I noticed separation in my product - is it safe to use?”

Absolutely safe! Since we do work with many natural materials, you may notice separation, settling of solid or dense particulates, different colors and textures, and other beautiful facets in your perfumes - these are normal! Rolling the bottles between your hands to redistribute settled or separated components will blend everything back together, and keeping the solids inside the perfumes help bring richer tones to the blend as it ages. 

Due to the highly concentrated fragrance, natural oils, and extraction methods used in some of the components we include in our EDPs, you may notice occasional separation when they are settled as well. Shake them up and spray away! :)



“Do you make custom perfumes?”

We do not. This was a service we offered during our first year open but discontinued due to time constraints on our small staff. Many former custom blends are available as part of our Unlisted Scent catalog; if you don’t see one offered, either the customer who requested the scent asked that it not be made available publicly, or we were unable to continue sourcing large amounts of the ingredients that were used in the composition, and as such we could not make it widely available for purchase.

In addition, we’ve recently received a few requests asking if we can custom tweak our blends, i.e. add or drop a certain note from one of our existing blends - unfortunately we cannot accommodate these requests!



“Why does my new perfume need to ‘rest’?”

While all our blends have rested and aged in-house before they ship to you, mail shock, temperature in transit, and length of journey can affect the perfumes’ scent when they arrive on your doorstep. We recommend at least a week of resting time before testing them. 



“What is the scent of the month?”/“Can I request a different scent of the month?”

In lieu of offering samples with each order, every order comes with a free full-size (5ml) perfume blended specifically for that month. (The current scent of the month can be found on the homepage, and sometimes you can find a sneak preview on our Instagram!) They are housed in a 5ml cube glass component without a rollerball. Towards the end of the month cycle, we may substitute for a different scent if we run out of the scent of the month and are unable to order more batch components in time. This hasn’t happened yet but here’s a disclaimer in case it ever needs to :)

The scent of the month is only offered for free in the fractionated coconut oil base and in the cubed open-neck packaging. If you would like to purchase it in different packaging or in a different base, you may absolutely do so! If we haven’t put it in the scent menus yet, ping us on the website chat and we’ll be happy to do that for you!

We cannot honor requests for a specific freebie scent if you don’t want the scent on offer, but we do have an option for taking your chances with a random draw by writing ‘Random please!’ in your cart notes! Requests for a specific scent will default you back to the scent on offer. Thank you for understanding!



“What does Extra Strength mean and why does it cost more?”/“Why do you offer different oil bases?”

We offer different bases because people have different skin chemistry and different preferences! For the majority of our customers, our regular strength option (fractionated coconut oil, or FCO) provides the exact experience they’re looking for. However, we received feedback that some of our customers wanted more sillage (projection off the skin) and longevity, so we decided to offer Extra Strength! The carrier oil used in the Extra Strength option is daikon radish seed oil, which helps the fragrance concentrate it carries project further and last longer. However, DRSO is considerably more expensive than FCO, hence the price difference. Rest assured that most people report great results with our regular strength oil and by no means does anyone need to go straight for Extra Strength with its added cost - it’s simply an option if you’d like more punch from a fragrance!



“Wait, what’s skin chemistry?”

Everyone has a completely unique and different skin chemistry based on factors such as hormones, personal pH level, climate where you live, skin type (dry vs. oily), and dozens of other factors. This is kind of a difficult topic to pin down facts on (and is a controversial one in a lot of circles!) but on occasion you might notice that a perfume you try on smells particularly amazing or particularly awful on you - or vanishes within a few minutes on you - or lasts for twenty hours and you can’t seem to get it to go away - or smells completely different on your partner or best friend than it does on you - the list goes on and on! This is often due to your skin chemistry subtly shifting the way the molecules of the scent interact with your natural body scent, and is the most noticeable with oil-based perfumes because they are less volatile (evaporate more slowly) than alcohol-based perfumes.

Our perfumes are blended to be first tested on our head perfumer’s skin, and then on our staff; we get that that’s a really small cross section! As such, we know that not all of our perfumes will smell good on every person that purchases them. We always recommend testing samples (head to Ajevie!) rather than purchasing full bottles outright to ensure that you will enjoy not just the scent of the perfume, but the experience of wearing it, as we do not give refunds on perfumes if you do not like the scent. And when in doubt, alcohol-based perfumes do change a little less from person to person (volatility!), and we sell those too :)



“I am a blogger/content creator and was wondering if you’d send me free products in exchange for a review?”




“I’m a private decanter and I want to buy your products to decant and sell.”

Death and Floral is partnered with one official decanter. Buying products from our store for the sole purpose of decanting without discussion from the brand owner beforehand will result in your order being refunded without warning. Repeated misuse of the site’s terms and conditions will result in your account being banned. If you make separate accounts or buy under a false name to circumvent these rules, this will result in your IP address being blocked from the website. 

We are partnered with one official decanting partner and accept no responsibility for products bought from third party decanters. If you received an unsatisfactory decant from a third party decanter it is the sole responsibility of the consumer who sold it. We do not offer refunds to unsolicited decanters for any reason regarding decanting. 

To further clarify, we are fine with decanting to your friends or decanting out your personal purchase not for a profit. We are NOT fine with mass bulk buying for the purpose of decanting without a discussion first. It’s so easy to email us! 



“What is the Unlisted Section?”/“Why isn’t everything the General Catalog?”

From time to time we may pull things out of the catalog that are no longer sparking joy. In an effort to reduce FOMO, while these are no longer part of the current catalog, they are available to be purchased in our Unlisted Section for as long as we can source components and replicate the formula!

Moving things around and discontinuing things is how we make sure our catalog reflects our current and most recent work. We love our older blends but to keep our creative spark alive we like to focus on the present and future :)



“How long do these products last?”/“How do I store the products I have bought?”

All of our products should be stored in dark (ALWAYS away from windows/direct sunlight!), temperature- and humidity-controlled, cool places. (Not your fridge, please - too cold!) (Nor in your bathroom - too humid!) Theoretically, our perfumes should have an indefinite shelf life if stored properly; we cannot guarantee a shelf life as we do not use any preservatives; our perfumes leave our hands as anhydrous solutions, which do not need preservatives as they do not allow for the growth of mold or bacteria. We recommend you use them within 1-2 years but they will certainly last longer. 

Always apply to clean, dry skin with no lotion underneath to reduce the risk of water or other outside contaminants entering the bottle via the roller. We do not give refunds for products which have spoiled after significant amounts of time due to improper storage. (P.S. If you notice an off smell to a perfume you’ve owned for a while, wash and thoroughly dry the rollerball! The plastic component can start to smell strange even when the perfume inside the bottle is totally fine.)

Our perfume primer has a shelf life of 6 months after opening. Please store it as you would your perfumes.



“How do you come up with your scent names?”

All our scents are based on a conglomerate of things I love. Literature, music, art, TV references, my dreams, collaborating on names with all of y’all - one was even written by an A.I. Death and Floral name generator. It’s all fun. It’s not to be taken seriously, even though some of them do lean dark. I make no apologies for not being a shiny happy person. Any specific names you want explained I will gladly answer in an email! 

“Where did the long names go?”

I ran out of song lyrics.



“What is the birthday freebie and do you still offer it?”

We do offer a birthday freebie with your order as long as it is within 30 days of your birthday! Let us know in the comment section the date of your birthday and what you’d like your free 5ml to be. You can choose any scent on our master scent list. Birthday freebies come in a glass cube component sans rollerball, and are only offered in the fractionated coconut oil base. Misuse of the birthday freebie program will result in your account being blocked from future purchases. We do track how many of them go out and we will notice if an account is misusing the program. This is a service I offer that I do not have to and can end at any time without notice.



“I’m an artist and I’m interested in a collab!”

Wonderful! We work with many visual artists here and try to keep a rotating organ of different artists, all with unique and different styles. We do not currently have any projects that we are looking for visual artists to collaborate on, but we would still love to hear from you to keep you in mind for the future!

Please note that, respectfully, while we love to work with new artists and pay very fairly, we do not accept or pay for unsolicited work.



“I received a postcard with my order that I do not like.”

We work with many wonderful visual artists here at Death and Floral and rely on them to create the visual tone of our brand. We do not censor our artists and we allow them to create visually what they see fit for the theme and tone. This occasionally will be adult-themed in nature, including featuring partial adult nudity. Not censoring our artists reflects the values that Death and Floral holds in regards to artistic creativity. If you receive a postcard you do not like in your order, feel free to dispose of it.



If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, email us at deathandfloral@gmail.com or send us a website chat! Again, thank you for your patience while waiting for a response to your messages. We get to them as quickly as we can!