Current TAT, 10-15 BUSINESS days, not including weekends and federal holidays. International shipping (with the exception of Canada) currently NOT available. As of 9/28 we are processing orders from September 16th, 17th, and 18th

Shipping and Store Policy


All packages under 12oz in weight will be shipped USPS First Class, packages over 12oz in weight will be shipped USPS Priority or UPS depending on rates and availability. If Express shipping is chosen (continental US customers only), your package may be shipped USPS Priority or via UPS depending on your location. International packages may also be shipped UPS depending on rates and availability.

Current turnaround time is 10-15 business days (which do not include weekends or holidays) for domestic and international (international currently restricted to Canada only. We do not have an estimate for when we will resume shipping worldwide).

Please note that choosing Express shipping at checkout only refers to shipping time after your package is remitted to the postal service for mailing. It does not allow you to "line jump" in the queue.

Once a package has been shipped we are seeing delays of 2-3 days, in rare cases 4-5, of when they are being scanned at the post office. Please understand that once your package is remitted for shipping, we have no control over the shipment and delivery of your package. If your package is returned to us we will contact you to confirm your details before resending it. If your address was filled out incorrectly by you and your package is delivered to the address filled out by you we are unable to refund or replace your package. Thank you for understanding!

You may purchase EDPs for international shipping but we will replace the perfumer's alcohol base with isopropyl myristate.

I cannot and will not mark an item as a gift (or mark a package's value as lesser) to get around customs laws, no exceptions.


**Please also note if you are an international customer (currently Canada only): After your shipping label is printed you will see a delay of 2-5 days before your package is dropped off at USPS or UPS. This is due to the fact that commercial international invoices must be prepared separately for international packages and electronically transmitted to the shipping partner before the package can be remitted for shipping (and in the case of UPS, we must receive electronic approval of said invoices back before bringing your package to UPS for shipping). This can only be done after tracking numbers are assigned to packages. Depending on our schedules and number of international packages in any given order group, this can take an extra couple of days to complete. Thank you so much for your patience as we navigate the ever-changing world of international shipping - we appreciate you all so much!!


Communication via email ( is always the best way to reach me! I am available for any issues, questions, or concerns that might come up. Thank you for shopping at Death and Floral!