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Soda Shoppe

Soda Shoppe

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Vintage cream soda- classic A&W cream soda 

Vanilla cola pop- cola with a hint of vanilla beans 

Sparkling  ginger soda- dark soda, ginger, and warm vanilla make this the perfect fall soda. Warming on a cold day 

cherry fizzy- classic dark cherry soda with small hints of cocoa beans and strong carbonation

strawberry spritzer pop- sparkling strawberry soda as fresh and sweet as summertime, candied and effervescent 

rose water seltzer- fresh rose water tonic, just like at your local artisanal soda shoppe. 

Christmas Soda- a bubbly blend of dark soda, nutmeg, cinnamon, mint, topped with whipped cream and shaven graham crackers 

More coming in 2021!

Our soda-based single notes contain no carrier oil and use either a ‘light’ or ‘dark’ soda base accord as their acting carrier oil.