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Curated Set of 3

Curated Set of 3

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Not sure where to start? We’ve created perfectly curated packs of three for easy shopping! You will receive three 5ml rollerbottles of fragrance in a fractionated coconut oil base, in the fragrances listed below. No substitutions will be made as these are carefully selected - if you’d like to make your own three pack, we have that option here

Choose from the following:


‘Half hoping to be eaten by a bear’ - Woody, sweet bare skin; the lingering scent of dry leaves on a cold morning.

‘The sweater we buried you with is hanging in my closet’ - A luscious blend of three different vanillas, resinous amber, Arabian sandalwood, a soft cashmere sweater.

‘Two cups of tea, a summer monsoon, and me and you’ - Rain on cracked soil, wet creosote, a swelling monsoon, desert cedar, black tea.


‘My heart is made of glass’ - Fresh cloves, myrrh, spiced apricot jam, tonka beans, Peru balsam

‘I wanna be your Joey Ramone’ - Black oudh, chili spiced vanilla musk, nutmeg

‘Hallows’ eve museum heist’ - YEE-haw time to get the old gang back together for one spooky heist. Stolen Jasmine sambac and golden heart amber, orange bitters, luscious aged cognac, dinosaur bones. Dedicated to Dennis, who died in the Christmas heist.


‘When the veil is thinnest’ - A warm bonfire on a chilly autumn night. Crunchy leaves underfoot and smoky, warm marshmallows roasting over an open barrel, blended with warm apple cider donuts

‘Pieces of October’ - Fresh blue corn tortillas, ancient spices, chili peppers, oakwood, autumn apples falling on a frozen ground

‘Dancing in the moonlight’ - Cold and sharp autumn air under the moonlight, soft sage, buttery Peru balsam, dark woods


‘The soft crunch of bread and bone’ - Flakey coconut French madeleines, stifling bakery air, vanilla cremé and crunchy macarons, the last sip of green tea with a mysterious lover.

‘Plain Jane’ - Black oudh, fresh morning coffee, rolled tobacco, vegan animal musk, cedar, cinnamon crunch cereal

'Willow' - Fresh vanilla, black tea, ginger cookies, darkened amber, cinnamon bark, patchouli, witches herbs


‘Oudh & Turkish roses’ - White oudh and delectable Turkish rose

‘Pop Flowers’ - Hibiscus flowers and sweet grass, blended with heliotrope and passion flowers.

‘I am a rich man’ - Vanilla bean cut with vetiver, swirled over raw animal musk (vegan) and blended with tuberose.


‘The Peach Queen’ - Delicate blend of rosy golden peaches, skin musk, and white amber.

‘Girls and graves’ - Sugare’d grapefruit, pink musk, soft cherry blossoms, fluffy pink clouds of fairy floss

‘Black Cherry Bomb’ - Melted Black Cherry popsicle juice, ginger ale cream soda, salty and hot summer skin, honeydew, golden caramelized amber


‘Morton salt girl’ - Yellow musk, salt, and rain on concrete 

‘That first morning moment’ - Cozy blend of lavender and chamomile tea, with notes of white amber and soft cotton.

‘My whole life is a delicate cycle’ - Bubbly laundry soap, the metal clink of change in machines, a cotton bra with an unknown owner.


‘The library, burning down with us’ - Burnt edges of books, the overpowering scent of gasoline wafting around the wooden banister, wax candles melting on a desk.

‘The people you love become ghosts inside you’ - Heavenly musk, lingering funeral flowers, cold scent of vanilla in an empty corridor, handprints on a foggy window (Notice: ‘The people you love become ghosts inside you‘ is a heavy atmospheric that has been reported to cause feelings of intense emotion and is sometimes unpleasant in it’s vulnerability. Not for the faint-hearted!)

‘That’s a rock fact!’ - wet rocks and spooky darkened trees, damp grass underfoot and a glistening tinge of being followed


Old Book Paper

Mall Soft Pretzel

Honey Vanilla Musk


We couldn’t think of what else to call this category - these are three of our most unique, strange fragrances you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy if you like smelling weird shit! :)


Avocado Toast

‘Art school drop out’ - Fresh paint water, wet clay, car exhaust, number two pencil shavings