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Bugs and Cake

Bugs and Cake

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Bugs and cake is an ongoing indie collaborative project. All submissions have been finalized as of September 1st and the public release date will be on November 1st. Currently we as a team, my staff and our label artists, are working hard to get them all finished. 

Some of them are still pending names, it is a current work in progress. Further updates will be posted to Instagram! 

Orchid mantis/ matcha cherry blossom cake

Soft pink cherry blossoms, fresh green leaves, pink musk, white chocolate, green tea


Spider- silk web accord, black amber, mitti attar,  angel food cake, burnt molasses lime frosting, hibiscus flowers



ghost mantis, Lavender, rosemary, molasses, black amber, black tea, coriander


ant/coffee tiramisu

Dead leaves, oakmoss, juniper, fir, black coffee co2, black cake accord


vanilla cake/beetle 
A tinge of metal, dirt and dead leaves, vanilla and molasses, Old tree bark wood 



spice cake/ pill bug 
Autumnal Spices, fancy white cake accord, metal, Tree wood


red velvet cake/caterpillar

Chocolate, red musk, cream cheese accord, green leaves, clover, fresh apples



Bombyx Moth/vanilla cake

Black smoke, vanilla cake accord, cream cheese frosting, beeswax, green grass, dead leaves, almond




-Fly, Mothman, Fly

Leopard Moth/Oreo cheesecake

Oreo cheesecake accord, fudge, molasses


Luna moth/devils food cake

Mitti attar, geosim, dark chocolate, white cake accord, black musk, Tree wood



Wiggly Worm Dance Party on Funky Fresh Cake

Fluffy yellow cake topped with marshmallow cream, fresh mint sprigs and candied mint. A shady, overgrown garden filled with billowing lavender stalks, swarming with fuzzy bumblebees. Wiggly green worms and caterpillars are having a wiggly dance party on top of the cake. They are having a funky fresh time.


rosy maple moth/coconut cake

Brown sugar, Turkish rose, coconut, buttercream accord


millipede/coffee cake

Black Patchouli, black amber, coffee co2, mitti attar, burnt molasses, bourbon, stone accord, smoked oak


red velvet/bee

Dark Chocolate cake accord, honey, cream cheese frosting, earl grey tea


Luna moth/lime cake

vanilla jasmine molasses layer cake with lime garnish, gravel and dust from a small town road, salt of the moon's tide



The Scorpion's Garden Party: scorpion/desert cake

Marshmallow vanilla frosting, prickly pear lemon glaze, creosote bush oil, cactus flower petal icing



Tea with Tarantulas: tarantula/tea cake

Darjeeling tea, cake accord with marmalade accord, dirt, Amyris wood, poivrol, black amber and black musk mix


they will be priced at our standard $14/$20 price!